Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri: Hypnosis


Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri's second album "Hypnosis" was released  on March 13th, 2020. The fine compositions by awarded saxophone player Lyytinen offers the quartet room to experiment and play to their strengths. The new album brings forth a mature depth where the presence and intricate communication between the players gets to shine brightly.

Pauli Lyytinen - saxophone, compositions
Verneri Pohjola - trumpet
Eero Tikkanen - double bass
Mika Kallio - drums


Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri shot straight to the very top of Finnish jazz groups with their debut album and tour in 2017. Pori Jazz Festival awarded saxophonist and composer Lyytinen with the Ted Curson award as artist of the year. The new album Hypnosis brings forth a matured version of the orchestra and strong musical atmospheres, where the presence and the intricate communication between the players really gets to shine through.

Focusing heavily on the improvisational side of music the acoustic quartet is, on one hand, a roots-y, classic jazz four-piece, but on the other hand, a modern ensemble willing to use new technical gadgets and take chances with their imaginative playing. Lyytinen's delicate compositions offer everyone room to experiment and play to their strengths. Lyytinen and Pohjola form a molecular bond as soloists while Tikkanen and Kallio form the lively groundwork.

The new Hypnosis material offers more etherial soundscapes than its predecessor. As the title suggests the album takes its listeners to a trip across the subconscious, time and space. With the clever use of Kallio's various gongs and the innovative "plus pedals", operated by Pohjola and Lyytinen, the music has more sonic spaces than ever.

Recorded by Kimmo Antikainen at E-Studio, Sipoo 18.-20.10.2019
Mixed by Abdissa Assefa at Ambience Studios, Helsinki
Masterd by Petter Eriksson at Studio Korpen, Unnaryd
Cover photo by Pauli Lyytinen
Band photo by Heikki Tuuli
Layout by Aarni Ylinen

Released by Eclipse Music

ma 16.3. Kulttuuritalo Annis (Validi Karkia), Pori
ti 17.3. G Livelab (Eclipse Jazz Club), Tampere
ke 18.3. Sibeliusmuseum (Sibbe Live: Jazz), Turku
to 19.3. Poppari (Jkl Jazz), Jyväskylä
ti 24.3. WHS Teatteri Union (Jazzanti!), Helsinki
ke 25.3. Kulttuurikellari (Olavin jazz), Savonlinna
to 26.3. Maxim (Jazz & Blues), Kuopio
pe 27.3. Kouta-sali, Kajaani
la 28.3. Pakkahuone (Jazzkerho), Joensuu
la 4.4. Voodoo Music Club, Hard Rock House, Helsinki