P a u l i  L y y t i n e n  

M A C H I N E R Y  (2012-)


Pauli Lyytinen - saxophones, woodwinds, mellotron, electronics

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P a u l i  L y y t i n e n

M A G N E T I A  O R K E S T E R I  (2015-)

Pauli Lyytinen - saxophones 

Verneri Pohjola - trumpet 

Eero Tikkanen - double bass

Mika Kallio - drums, gongs  

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P a u l i  L y y t i n e n   

R A B B I T  H O L E  (fi/no/ch)  (2019-)


Pauli Lyytinen - ewi, tenor saxophone, tempest 

Andreas Stensland Løwe - piano, synth 

Julian Sartorius - drums 

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E L I F A N T R E E  (2007-)


Anni Elif - vocals, synths 

Pauli Lyytinen - saxophone, ewi, tempest, synth 

Olavi Louhivuori - drums 

Elifantree makes music using the framework of jazz, but usually trek well outside of it. Elifantree has released 5 critically acclaimed albums and the sixth album will be out in February 2021.

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E Q U A L L Y  S T U P I D (fi/is/ch) (2008-)


Pauli Lyytinen- tenor-, bass-, alto saxophone, electronics 

Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson - baritone guitar, electronics 

David Meier - drums

Icelandic/Finnish/Swiss Equally Stupid is a powerful and energetic jazz/progressive trio.  Equally Stupid has released 2 critically acclaimed albums Exploding Head (2014) and Escape From The Unhappy Society (2017).

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S O L E  A Z U L  (2017-)

Pauli Lyytinen - tenor saxophone 

Harri Kuusijärvi - accordion

Eero Tikkanen - double bass

Sole Azul rips tango out by the roots and plants it in the Nordic frozen soil.

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R O T K O  (2019-)


Pauli Lyytinen - saxophones, analogue synth 

Jori Huhtala - double bass

Olavi Louhivuori - drums

ROTKO is a brand new trio that plays compositional free improv.