Pauli Lyytinen (b.1983)

composition, tenor, soprano, bass & alto saxophone, electronic wind instrument, synthesizers


Pauli Lyytinen is a Helsinki based musician and composer. Lyytinen´s approach to music is always improvisatory and experimental regardless of the genre. As saxophonist he´s been studying and exploring widely extended sounds and techniques and the use of  effect pedals with acoustic sax. This has led him into the world of electro acoustic sounds and possibilities of solo orchestrations. He´s also familiar with electronical instruments like the electric wind instrument (ewi), variety of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines.

Lyytinen has made over 80 tours and performed on numerous amount of festivals and clubs in 35 countries in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia with his own bands  since 2006. He has released 27 albums with his own groups. The musical range spreads from free improvisation and free jazz to experimental pop, ambient and contemporary classical music. Lyytinen´s own bands are Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri, Pauli Lyytinen Rabbit Hole (FI/NO/CH), Pauli Lyytinen Machinery, Elifantree, Sole Azul and Equally Stupid (FI/IS/CH). Lyytinen also plays in groups like Anni Elif / Edith, Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy and Astro Can Caravan.

- Artist-in-Residence, Südtirol Jazz Festival (IT) 2018
- Pori Jazz festival´s Ted Curson - award 2017

- Artistic leader of  Voodoo Music Club 2017-

- Co-founder of  Laponia Improvisations school for improvisation and composition 2012-

- 1st prize in 2007  "Jukka Perko - saxophone competition", 2nd prize in 2004

- Nokia Young Talent prize 2004


"Saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen is the driving force behind numerous smaller ensembles, a musician who's concert never lets one down. Along with his memorable live performances, his recorded catalogue is respectable, both wide and of marvellously high-class. Let's put it bluntly: Lyytinen is inevitably becoming one of the absolute greats within the Finnish jazz scene."

- Pentti Ronkanen, Suomijazz 2019

"A secret destined to come out globally sooner than not, Pauli Lyytinen is THE current Finnish jazzer to follow if woodwinds are your penchant." 

- Finnish Music Quarterly 2018

"Lyytinen is one of the most significant saxophonists within the improvised and experimental jazz music scene in Finland today. Pauli is very imaginative and he has a clear focus in exploring and pushing the limits of saxophone playing." 

- Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit 2016

"Huiman pelimannin huima levy, jossa siis yksi mies tekee kaiken yksin.(...) Uskomattoman upeita sävelmaailmoja että mielikuvia. Tunnelmoinnista karhean raastavaan freehen. Herkistä kosketuksista poikkitaiteelisiin sellaisiin. Lyytinen saa saksofoneistaan irti jumalattoman kirjon erilaisia äänikuvia. Ja mikä parasta, yhtäaikaisesti.(...)Hänen soittovarmuutensa ja soittimensa hallinta kuorruttaa kokonaisuuden. Puhumattakaan sielukkuudesta, jolla hän antautuu musiikkinsa tulkisi."

- Osku Rajala, Jazzrytmit 2016

"Soolopuhallinlevyt ovat haastava sarja ja monet piiloutuvat pitkien toistuvien kuvioiden tai free jazzin aggressiivisen vimman taakse – Lyytisen ei moiseen tarvitse turvautua. Levy on harkittu kokonaisuus joka toimii muutenkin kuin erikoisuutena. Luovaa ja monipuolista musiikkia joka ei jää lähtökohtiensa vangiksi."

- Jazzpossu 2016

"Lyytinen is a real find for me. His playing moves from inside to out with complete ease, his solos have their own logic and drive. I love this stuff (Raoul Björkenheim Ecstasy)! It is both a throwback and a move into the future."

- 2014

”Lyytinen, who is probably the most talented multi- reed instrumentalist of the young generation, has gained reputation among others in Elifantree by his prudent intelligence, minimalistic elegance and melodic sense of drama. With Björkenheim one needs to be able to play brutally and Lyytinen succeeds with that, too.”

- Jukka Hauru, Helsingin Sanomat 2012