P a u l i  L y y t i n e n  M A C H I N E R Y  is a solo saxophone project that is built on textural compositions, extended saxophone techiques, soundscapes and layers. In big part of the program Lyytinen is using live effects to broaden the soundscape and orchestrate the music. Improvisation is constantly present on this musical journey. Machinery was born in 2012 and the debut Machinery (CD/DVD) was released in 2016 by Finnish label Eclipse Music. The second album Savannah is in the making.

"Lyytinen is one of the most significant saxophonists within the improvised and experimental jazz music scene in Finland today. Pauli is very imaginative and he has a clear focus in exploring and pushing the limits of saxophone playing." 

- Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit

"In his solo project (Machinery) Lyytinen expands his expression with inventive techniques and effects. The result is immense since Lyytinen - who is one of the most personal and interesting artists on the Finnish jazz scene - manages to bring out his best sides." 

- Jyri Ojala, Karjalainen

" ́...And He Woke Up in Petroskoi ́ had an enormous groove, awesome and addictive theme, variating parts with different loops and startling solos atop it. ́Machinery ́, yes, but for me this tune also represents today ́s most interesting ́saxophonery ́." 

- Pentti Ronkanen, Suomijazz

”Lyytinen is a spectacularly inventive saxophone player that you could happily listen to all evening.” 

- Laurence Mackin, Jazzwise

" ́...And He Woke Up in Petroskoi ́(a tune of Machinery) establishes a guimbri-like riff and then solos atop it in breathtaking manner." 

- The Wire

“Saxophonist and kalimba player Pauli Lyytinen is a wild spirit, but he’s also capable of melodic playing.” 4*/5* 

- John Ephland, Downbeat